Inter Were Never Close to Axing Inzaghi, Says Director

Other than dishing on Romelu Lukaku and some transfer market moves, Piero Ausilio strongly backed coach Simeone Inzaghi, denying the boss had ever been in really hot waters despite some rumors of that ilk last season taking to RDS Radio Serie A (via EuroSport).

“He’s brilliant, humble, and lazy. He’s one of the funniest people in football. However, he has his routines and needs. There’s no way to make him budge. I’ve seen many good coaches from up close, for instance, Luciano Spalletti, Antonio Conte, Stefano Pioli, and Roberto Mancini. But he’s bright and young. He’s talented and has a taste for quality football.”

Ausilio revealed one of the keys behind the success of Inzaghi.

“The team enjoys spending time together. He forged the group. Results aren’t just the fruit of the performances but also of the desire to get on the pitch and share the work. He’s very capable.”

Ausilio stated that the brass never came close to sacking Inzaghi.

“It’s something that has no place in Steven Zhang and Giuseppe Marotta’s culture. We knew it was a tough moment, but we moved past it by sticking together, finding new motivations, and paying more attention to the situations that weren’t working. We weathered the storm in unison and resumed marching until we won the Coppa Italia and reached the Champions League final. It never crossed our minds.”

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