Juventus Official Discusses Upcoming Appeal and More

Juventus sporting director Francesco Calvo weighed in on the impact of the point deduction and the legal battle that will soon reprise before the win against Nantes (via SportMediaset).

“The deadline to file our appeal to the CONI’s College of Guarantee is next week, and we’ll do it abiding by it. We suffered the impact of the sanction at first. It confounded and discombobulated us. However, the team is focused on the pitch and getting results now. The two things are separate. The management handles the off-the-pitch stuff.”

The exec provided an update on Paul Pogba, who’s finally on the verge of returning.

“He has been practicing regularly and took part in the intrasquad scrimmage Tuesday and in the pre-game session Wednesday. He’s regaining the right conditioning. We hope to have him back as soon as possible.”

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri took stock of their campaign with Sky after the victory.

“Our season has been more than positive overall. The only blemish was the early elimination from the Champions League, and we had to come to grips with it. We’d be tied with Inter for second place without the penalization, and we reached the Coppa Italia semi-final. Some youngsters emerged thanks to the injuries. Nicolò Fagioli and Fabio Miretti need to play and gain experience, as they alternate good and poor stretches.”

“It’s not easy to win the Europa League, but we must try to go far in all competitions. We are distant in Serie A, but we see where we can arrive. We don’t snub either, and we’ll try to gain ground on who’s in front of us.”

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