Juventus Primed for Monumental Day in the Courtrooms

Unless there are delays and the court takes its time, which can’t be ruled out given the intricacy of the matter, Juventus will learn more about their position in the standings Tuesday. CONI’s College of Guarantee will begin hearing their appeal against the 15-point deduction early in the afternoon.

Per La Repubblica, the body won’t re-examine the facts but will verify whether the procedures and technicalities were in order. The sentence came to be in a tortuous way. The Bianconeri were acquitted for the fake capital gains in two separate degrees of justice. However, the trial was re-opened, and they were found guilty after new evidence emerged.

There will be three possible outcomes. The sanction can be entirely confirmed or wiped off, or the case could be sent back to the FIGC’s Court of Appeal to be reduced. With the last route, Juventus would get the points back in the meantime. The outcome will be pivotal also for the fresh set of accusations the Old Lady will face soon. According to sports law expert Angelo Cascella, if the punishment is upheld even partially, the club won’t be able to plea bargain. It’s not allowed in case of repeat offenders. The Bianconeri are accused of disloyalty in both instances, which is a broad type of offense.

The side’s lawyers will argue the fact that the team was initially referred with different charges. Therefore, it didn’t get a fair chance to defend itself when the trial restarted. Juventus will also argue that the new elements weren’t sufficient for that to happen in the first place and question the timetables and deadlines of the probe, which were irregular in their opinion.

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