Juventus to Touch Base Again with the Agent of Vlahovic

Darko Ristic, the agent of Dusan Vlahovic, was in the stands in the recent clash between Juventus and Napoli. He hadn’t been in town in a couple of months. The negotiation to extend the contract of the striker continued remotely, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs (via Informazione).

The visit will reignite their efforts. The salary of the striker increases each year. It could get to a whopping €12M thanks to some bonuses. It’s too high for any Serie A, even more so for one that has decided to be more financially sustainable.

Juventus wish to reduce the wages to €8/9M, adding one or two years to the deal of Vlahovic. It’s a challenging but not impossible proposition. An agreement is unlikely to arrive in short order, but the Bianconeri are confident they could indeed get it done.

The striker is happy at the club and showed his commitment even though he could have left last summer. If the parties don’t come to terms in the coming months, his sale will resume being a realistic option at the end of the season.

Our Take on Juventus and Vlahovic

He’s clearly too expensive for their new era, even more so since he’s not filling his boots on the pitch. It’ll be a daunting task to find common ground since he’d pocket massive figures if he moved to other sides. It would be a great sign of internal harmony if they pulled it off.

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