Marotta Confirms Rumors on Lukaku, Dybala and Skriniar

Giuseppe Marotta addressed the state of affairs for Inter, which are juggling multiple deals, during an event to commemorate journalist Candido Cannavò. The executive corroborated the buzz that has been circulating over the last few days, starting with Romelu Lukaku (via Sky).

“Directors should not be afraid to raise the bar, even when it is already high. They must have the courage to try everything to obtain the best possible result. We have maybe reached one of our important targets. I think it will be a matter of days. We can not announce it just yet. We are very flattered because it is a returning player that did great here, and we are happy to reunite with him. I wish to thank the rest of the management and the ownership for making it happen.”

Marotta stated that the talks with Paulo Dybala are at an impasse.

“I do not deny that we met with his representatives, but that is simply part of the job. We must inquire and pursue new leads. We need major convergences in order to seal such deal. We have not defined it yet.”

The executive was quizzed about Chelsea joining PSG in the race for Milan Skriniar.

“Multiple teams are after him, as it is the case for other players. In my mind, we have many excellent contributors in our roster, so the attention of other clubs is normal. We will assess the offers with calm. Even though football teams needs to be sustainable and have correct economic and financial balances, we wished we never had to give up a player, unless he asked out.”