Milan Chasing After Two Touted Argentinian Attackers

Milan had a summit with the agents of Rosario Central striker Alejo Veliz. They are interested but haven’t lodged an offer at this stage. There’s a €15M release clause in his contract. They have also laid eyes on Lucas Beltran, Corriere dello Sport informs.

The 19-year-old has bagged 11 goals in 23 appearances in 2023, while he had hit the net 6 times during the previous season. He has starred nine times with U-20 Argentina, finding the target on three occasions. Torino and Nottingham Forest are also keeping an eye on the prodigy.

Milan also probed Beltran on top of Veliz. The River Plate marksman has been linked especially to Fiorentina in the last few days. Roma are keeping tabs as well. They have been forced to pivot away from their top targets.

The marksman is also on Roberto Mancini’s radar since he has an Italian passport. He has scored 12 times in 25 Superliga matches.

Our Take on Milan, Veliz, and Beltran

Nothing wrong with investing in youngsters, but it’s hard to imagine they’d get much playing time should one of them join considering the presences of Olivier Giroud and Noah Okafor. It’d be a different matter if they plotted to loan them out at first. If they don’t totally trust the Swiss talent as a no.9, they should bring in a cheap and reliable veteran.

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