Milan Chief Talks Pioli, San Siro, and Serie A Reform

Milan president Paolo Scaroni weighed in on Stefano Pioli following the key victory over Napoli and dished on a few political topics to Radio Uno (via Sky).

“I confirm the words of our CEO, Giorgio Furlani, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. We have complete trust in the coach, and the results are solidifying it. There’s nothing to report on such front.”

Scaroni suggested that Milan favored reducing the number of Serie A teams.

“The League and the Federation aren’t aligned as far as the interests of the clubs are concerned. We account for just12 percent in the votes even though we bankroll the whole Italian system. It’s an anomaly. Our voice is too weak, while it should be very strong.”

“The second line of demarcation has been incorrectly set between top sides and the minnows. In reality, the clubs that compete in the cups and have many players representing their national teams complain about the overly busy schedule. This leads to an unbearable amount of games that cause too many injuries. We don’t know things will go. We already had an 18-team format in the past, or even 16.”

Scaroni was quizzed about San Siro while Milan moved forward with a different project.

“We bought the land after a preliminary decision by the San Donato administration. There’ll be a series of steps now. The Mayor of Milan asked us to make a final attempt to renovate the current arena, but I’m very skeptical.

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