Milan Mayor Welcomes San Siro Relocation with Open Arms

Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala knows one thing for sure: both the Rossoneri and Inter need a new stadium. He also believes it is not feasible to host the new stadium in the vicinity of the San Siro, making the existing monument incompatible with the surroundings and the new venue. Moreover, there emerges the issues arising within the local population.

Speaking to Calcio e Finanza, Sala made a straightforward observation of the current scenario as he sees it.

“I start from a very simple observation: the teams need a new stadium, Secondly, that if it’s built 100 meters from San Siro – it does not make the presence of the current one compatible with other events. We would force the inhabitants of that neighborhood to 150-200 days a year of traffic, smog and noise. It’s one or the other. There still seem to be a lot of people who tend to hinder the construction of a new stadium. I’m not really one of them.”

Sala then revealed the reason behind his lengthy absence from San Siro.

“I haven’t attended it for a couple of years now. The controversy over the stadium doesn’t make me feel comfortable going there. It’s one of the things I’ve had to give up in this long period, but I watch the games at home.”

Milan and Inter are expected to come to a decision ahead of the new season regarding the status of San Siro, which is due to celebrate its 100th year anniversary in 2026.

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