Milan Owner on New Stadium, Serie A, and Super League

Milan patron Gerry Cardinale confirmed that the club is considering building the new stadium on their own while intervening during the ‘The Business of Football Summit’ hosted by the Financial Times (via Sky).

“We are mulling several locations for it, including one near San Siro, to see what we can do. We are working with the City Council and the Lombardy Region. The Giuseppe Meazza was erected in 1926 and renovated over the years. We want Milan and Serie A to return to the top, where they deserve to be, and new infrastructures are necessary. It has to work for the fans and for all parties involved.”

“I’m a big believer in being independent, and we have experience in this field, but we can’t rule out anything at this stage. I think Inter are thinking about their future too, and we have to focus on ours. Our priority is stay in the city if possible, but it has to be right for everybody.”

Cardinale doesn’t favor private equity funds buying a share of Serie A.

“I disagree with that, as there’s no reason to mortgage the future. If there’ll be a discussion, we’ll say that we can do it on our own. We can make changes in many areas. There’s a lot to do, but we must not look outside our ecosystem to be efficient.”

“There’s no reason to talk about the Super League since it’s a dead project, but we have to understand why it was proposed in the first place. The divide between England and the rest of Europe is evident. It was poorly structured, but it’s right to aim at having more competitive balance, but the question is how to achieve it.”

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