Milan Wish to Expedite Talks with Essential Veteran

While Olivier Giroud recently voiced his intention to wait to decide on his future, Milan are more in a rush to make sure he’s still with them next season since his contract runs out in June 2024. The Rossoneri plot to tender a renewal sooner rather than later, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs.

The parties have yet to get into the nitty-gritty. The veteran earns €3.5M at the moment. The management could ask him to reduce his salary. The outcome of the talks might hinge on whether he has other offers. The striker could opt to finish his career in the MLS, but he could postpone the move across the pond to another year.

While Milan want to keep ahold of Giroud, they are putting together a succession plan. Ideally, while he’d stay involved, he’d no longer be their top striker next season. They have been linked to a few options, for instance, Jonathan David and Hugo Ekitiké, but there’s no clear frontrunner among his potential heirs.

Under the right circumstances, the Rossoneri could make an investment in January. In that sense, Mehdi Taremi remains on their radar.

Our Take on Milan and Giroud

They shouldn’t be too quick to toss him to the side, although a little less playing time probably wouldn’t hurt. Moreover, Noah Okafor taking over isn’t a farfetched proposition. They have a season to evaluate him.

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