More Details Emerge About Project for New Roma Stadium

Roma are keeping the specifics of their new stadium close to the vest, as they will likely unveil them in a grand ceremony after completing the early steps. The City has disclosed some more information about it. Mayor Roberto Gualtieri commented to Il Tempo.

“It’s a great project for the club, its fans, the whole town and I would say Italy too. We have had a very serious and concrete dialogue with the team. They handed over the feasibility study. The conference of services is next, as the law mandates. I thank their executives and the municipal officials. It will have a very positive impact on a large portion of the city. It’s inspired by environmental sustainability and will feature plenty of green areas.”

The city planning councilor Maurizio Veloccia added details about the zone and the timetable for the new Roma stadium to Corriere dello Sport.

“The Giallorossi considered other locations, but they would have been more challenging. For instance, the Ostiense neighborhood, which was one of the frontrunners, needed very expensive reclamations. Instead, Pietralatata quickly looked more feasible. An hotel and a medical campus will be built close by. Thanks to the subway stations and the bus lines, we aim for 50 percent of the fans to reach it via public transportation.”

“The conference of services will end in 90 days. Afterward, there will be more required deliberations and the definitive project, which will need further assessments. It doesn’t include any other constructions, just a big park. The arena will serve the city and will be active every day thanks to cultural exhibits, concerts and conventions.”

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