Osimhen Happy in Naples, Picks MLS Over Saudi Arabia

Victor Osimhen was invited by his colleagues Mario Balotelli and Emiliano Viviano on Twitch and addressed a few topics, including his future, and had kind words toward his own team (via Eurosport).

“I’m very comfortable at Napoli for now. Scoring is always a big emotion for me, but doing so at the Maradona stadium is special. I asked Kalidou Koulibaly how the Azzurri fans were before joining. I still have the chills when I think about my first goal against Atalanta in front of 50/60k supporters screaming my name.”

Osimhen was asked what he’d prefer between Saudi Arabia and the MLS.

“If the conditions were the same, the latter. But the first one is an excellent league too and is luring great talents.”

The Nigerian star dished on the Ballon d’Or.

“If it’ll arrive, it’d be a great thing. Having become a player of this caliber is already a dream for me. It’s surely an objective and an aspiration for the future.”

Osimhen heaped praise on his partner in crime Khvicha Kvaratskhelia.

“I like him a lot, as we have the same attitude on the pitch. He’s a great talent, and I call him ‘The Magician.’ We have an excellent relationship, and he’s a great man and player. Luciano Spalletti is a genius and knows how to exhance the talent of his players.”

According to La Repubblica, despite his non-controversial comments, Osimhen might be fined because he didn’t ask the team for permission for the impromptu interview.

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