Pogba Needs More Time, Vlahovic and Chiesa Banged up

Paul Pogba returned to Turin as Juventus got back to work after spending time in Pittsburgh and Miami. However, he has been unable to train on grass so far. It will be a while before he fully recuperates from knee surgery, La Repubblica informs.

The midfielder has been limited to exercises in the gym and the pool in the past week. He watched the end of Tuesday’s session, which was open to the public, from the sidelines. Five months after the injury and three following the operation, he has yet to resume running on the pitch.

Juventus are taking it slow with Pogba due to the problems he has endured since he got hurt. He initially opted for a conservative therapy because going under the knife would have likely knocked him out of the World Cup right away. The situation eventually got worse, and he could no longer avoid it.

The Bianconeri were hopeful they would get him back right after the winter break, but that will not be the case. It’ll likely take him about a month to be able to play, and he’ll miss further tilts in January.

Dusan Vlahovic reported back after yesterday after a disappointing trip to Qatar. His lingering sports hernia has improved, but it’s not fully healed, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs. He’ll follow a specialized program to get in acceptable shape in time for the Cremonese match, but it’s not a slam dunk just yet. Federico Chiesa had a scare in practice due to a blow to the ankle, but it was nothing serious. However, he left the pitch early due to an adductor problem later on, and he might necessitate tests to assess it.

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