Pogba Set for Counter-Analysis After Positive Sample

Paul Pogba is primed for a pivotal day in his doping case. The second sample taken along with the one that tested positive for testosterone will be tested. The results will be known in three or four days. He has been preventively suspended for over three weeks now.

According to TuttoSport, the midfielder has been training on his own at home lately. He has interacted with his teammates only via text and hasn’t attended any match at the Stadium.

There’s not much hope the result will be different. If confirmed, Pogba will have seven days to prepare his defense or ask to be interrogated. The anti-doping prosecutor will start an inquiry with three possible outcomes: a dismissal, a plea deal, but only if the prospective ban is inferior to the maximum, which is four years, or a referral.

The third outcome is the most likely. The trial would start in November. A supplement bought in the USA might be the culprit. Its ingestion wasn’t accidental though, which hurts the Frenchman’s case. The label reportedly warned of the peril. His lawyers will try to limit the damage and avoid a sanction that would end his career prematurely.

Juventus are monitoring the situation. They have decided not to halt paying his wages despite having the faculty too. They’ll have the option of rescinding the contract of Pogba if he’s disqualified for any length of time.

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