Sarri Rebuffs Chatter About His Possible Lazio Exit

Maurizio Sarri has been insistently rumored to leave Lazio at the end of the season but has repelled such talks in the presser ahead of the Feyenoord match (via Il Messaggero).

“I don’t care about the criticism. They told me of some rumors that frequently suggested that I wanted out. I’m angry if the whispers matter more than what I say. I’ve always stated the contrary and that I would like to finish my career here. The difficulties we encountered at the beginning of the season haven’t changed my mind. I’m staying here to fight.”

Sarri dished on the magnitude of the game.

“There are no must-win fixtures in my mind. We shouldn’t be so certain about the results of other sides. We’re at the midway point of the group. It’s key for the standings but not essential. We’ll try to pull the strings. Everybody comments just on results nowadays. What’s the point of watching matches then?”

Sarri was quizzed about Daichi Kamada.

“He’s an exceptional player, but we struggle with him and Luis Alberto together. We’d have to find a way to support them. If the latter is fine, he plays. I regard the Japanese, but we have tactical difficulties.”

Sarri closed with some remarks about Ciro Immobile.

“We need to make a choice: either we recuperate him at all costs, or we leave him behind. I’m for the former since he’s too important.”

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