Scamacca Expresses Roma Love and Esteem for Mourinho

Gianluca Scamacca was touted to have Roma atop his destinations if he departed West Ham, and he confirmed it in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I’ve always been nostalgic about Italy and will always be. However, should I return, it wouldn’t be because I failed in the Premier League. That’s not true. It could happen if there was an undeniable opportunity. It wouldn’t be a step back for my career, as Serie A is still one of the best leagues.”

“I’ve always reasoned with my heart and will continue doing so in the future. You know what my favorite colors are. But I’m a West Ham player now. Despite all the rumors, I’m comfortable here.”

Scamacca heaped praise on Roma and José Mourinho.

“It’s home to him. Francesco Totti is my boyhood idol. What player doesn’t dream to be coached by the Special One? I’m convinced he would properly motivate me and make me better. I’ve been in touch with Lorenzo Pellegrini. We are friends and joked about it a little.”

“Davide Frattesi was right to choose Inter since he seized the chance to play for a top Italian team. I didn’t have it because there was less money last summer. Making the roster for Euro 2024 is only up to me. Playing in Serie A or Premier League doesn’t make a difference. I’m confident I’ll approach it well.”

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