Scaroni Comments After Move on New Project for Stadium

Milan took the first formal step toward constructing a new stadium in San Donato Milanese by presenting their urban development proposal to the local town council. President Paolo Scaroni stated that it didn’t mean they had completely abandoned the project to erect an arena in the San Siro area (via Calcio e Finanza).

“We’re not at the ‘goodbye and thank you’ phase yet. It’s a more distant hypothesis now, but it’s not dead. Building a new stadium there without demolishing the Giuseppe Meazza is unacceptable. Mayor Giuseppe Sala agrees. The superintendent is in a difficult spot, as he stated that part of the arena has architectural value and can’t be torn down.”

The turn of events further delayed the timetable; thus, Milan and Inter decided to pick different areas. Scaroni added.

“The decision surprised us, the Nerazzurri, and Sala. It remains to be seen whether this constraint can be removed. If it was possible, the project, which is currently ailing, would return in good health. As far as we are concerned, we’ll forge ahead on San Donato. We worked hard on it, using a lot of energy and economic resources.”

According to the publication, the new arena would cost at least €1B and have 70k seats. The next formal steps will take about 18 months. The definitive project could be approved in early 2025 if everything went smoothly.

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