Serie A Records Positive Transfer Balance Unlike Premier League

As the summer transfer window comes to a shut in most of the top markets worldwide, an astonishing number in terms of league expenditure has been marked by the Premier League, as per Transfermarkt. Other leagues, including the Saudi Pro League and Serie A have not touched the €1B mark, whereas the league in England has almost reached thrice that amount in terms of expenditure.

Premier League is the most commercial club league competition in the world, with an aggregate expenditure amount of €2.81B being undertaken by English clubs. The nation’s transfer balance lies in the negative threshold, as only a €1.5B income has been recorded in 2023/24.

Far down in second is the Saudi Pro League, which boosted its image following Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival. Saudi clubs have spent €911M, with an inflow of €47M, thus registering a negative balance of €864M. Not far from the Saudi Pro League is Ligue 1, which despite falling out of favor in terms of European co-efficient, continue to spend lavishly with almost €900M in cash outflow. It is certainly unsurprising with the presence of Paris Saint-Germain. However, an income of €877M minimizes Ligue 1’s balance to just €21M.

Serie A is the league with the fourth highest expenditure, dishing out €854M but recording a positive balance of €170M after receiving €1.02B in aggregate transfer fees.

Capping the list is Bundesliga, with the highest positive balance of the top five – €297M. The Germans have spent €748M but have received €1.05B in their coffers, the highest of any league in the world.

La Liga, Eredivisie, EFL Championship, Liga Portugal, and Jupiler Pro League make up the bottom half of the ten-league list. Serie B comes in 20th position, with an expenditure value of €44M and income of €58M – registering a positive balance of €14M.

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