Spalletti Bitterly Replies to Recent Words by Guardiola

Luciano Spalletti was pleased with finishing the job against Eintracht Frankfurt, but he didn’t mince words toward Pep Guardiola, who recently labeled Napoli as the best team in Europe. The gaffer didn’t take it as a compliment while speaking to Prime Video after the game (via Corriere dello Sport).

“I’m not proud or anything. Putting pressure on the opponents is a well-known cheap trick. We can’t be placed ahead of Manchester City since they spend €900M to build their team, while we €9M. There must be a reason why. They build us up to tear us down afterward. I have no preference in the draw. We’ll adapt to our opponents.”

Spalletti commented on his team’s showing.

“It’s a great result that we must enjoy along with our fans. It’s key to always have the same attitude we had today. We weren’t as focused as usual in the early going, but we didn’t concede almost any chance and stayed lucid. Napoli had never managed to advance to the quarter-finals in Champions League in their history. It wasn’t an easy achievement.”

“Victor Osimhen is a great striker that tends to play solo at times, but he has to combine with the rest of the team, and he’s doing it very well.”

The boss addressed the supporters and the incidents in the city.

“We have to try acting according to the level of the objective we reached. We shouldn’t ruin it wandering around the city answering provocations, but simply celebrating happily.”

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