Spalletti Open to a Mid-Season Return on the Bench

Luciano Spalletti might not sit on the sidelines for a full season after stepping down from his Napoli job. The gaffer denied being on a sabbatical talking to the press during an event in his hometown Certaldo (via Goal).

“That’s something that you journalists invented and keep reiterating. I’ve only stated that I needed to catch my breath and settle some things. It’ll take some time, then I’ll see what comes up and take stock. The previous pause was useful as I learned from other managers. A sabbatical is a concept I don’t recognize, but I can’t say for certain I will return next year. The needs change, and you get attracted to other things.”

Spalletti was quizzed about whether Juventus were an option for his future.

“It’s too difficult to answer that question now. Stating that only because they hired Cristiano Giuntoli is a low-hanging fruit for somebody that doesn’t have much to say. It’s clear that, when you are in love with somebody, you have to listen to the sentiments and the things that please them. You can’t wrong who fancies you.”

“Football is easy and everybody knows about it. But the people want to see something different, more modern and innovative. You have to carry on the legacy of the greats and, through the work, help players that aren’t as gifted achieve extraordinary things.”

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