Tonali Offers Advice to De Ketelaere, Bennacer and Leao

Sandro Tonali believes Milan can catch up with Napoli in the standings. He talked with La Gazzetta dello Sport from their Dubai retreat.

“Why wouldn’t we believe we can do it? The second half will have more matches, and this squad is truly strong. We surely have more experience than last season. We dropped points and we’ll look to avoid that in the future. Our goal is to win every match, and we have the means to do it. We have to stick together and row in the same direction.”

The midfielder was quizzed about Charles De Ketelaere.

“I’ve experienced the same situation first-hand, but it was easier for me because I played while the stadia were closed and faced less pressure. He’s very strong, and we just need to wait for him. He’s young and comes from a different league. When he’ll start featuring more, he’ll gain increasingly more confidence. It’s all a mental matter. Times is on his side.”

Tonali wishes his partner Ismael Bennacer renewed his contract.

“He’s essential for us, as he’s everywhere on the pitch. He makes things easy for me and my teammates. I hope he’ll stay. He knows what we have done so far and what we can achieve in the future.”

The Azzurri star offered similar thoughts about Rafael Leao.

“He’s a true phenom, and his journey has been similar to mine. He’s living the situation very serenely. He knows what’s he best thing to do. He has to prioritize himself over us.”

Instead, Tonali has clear plans about his Milan future.

“I surely want to stay as long as possible, even though it’s too early to make long-term promises because there could be many interfering factors.”

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