Tonali Psychiatrist Sheds Light on His Addiction and MO

Professor Gabriele Sani is helping Tonali battle his gambling addiction and went into detail about it in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport (via Goal).

“Those affected by this issue have rituals and follow a superstitious sequence. He bet on Milan to win for that reason. It was his good luck charm. It’s called ‘magical thinking.’ Since he arrived where he is despite this burden, he’ll be able to express his potential even better once he gets rid of it. He has a potent image. Sharing his experience will help many youngsters identify with him and start addressing their disease too.”

Sani discussed what could trigger this kind of behavior in players of the caliber of Tonali.

“A young footballer endures stress and responsibilities that derive from the external pressure and media attention. These situations generate angst and activate a dysfunctional mechanism. They see the adrenaline that comes from betting as a cure. It’s something they can’t do without. It’s an uncontrollable compulsive habit. The potential earnings don’t play any role in that.”

In the meantime, the federal prosecutor is going full-steam ahead on the plea bargain with Tonali, even though Turin’s DA office would like to slow things down and look into his role in the whole inquiry. Despite Nicolò Fagioli’s stating that the Newcastle United star gave him a tip about which app to use, he denied involving other footballers.

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