Lengthy Tonali Suspension Expected to Come Fairly Soon

As was the case for Nicolò Fagioli, the FIGC’s prosecutor plans to act swiftly on Sandro Tonali after he confessed to gambling on football games and even Milan and Brescia ones. The parties are finalizing his plea bargain. It could happen before next Wednesday’s Champions League game between Newcastle United and Borussia Dortmund. It’d spare the Toon the trouble of having a player in limbo for a long period of time, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs (via OneFootball).

He’s in a worse position than the Juventus midfielder, but not by much. He didn’t bet on his teams to lose and didn’t influence the results. It’s still unclear whether he did it in contests where he was actually playing.

The Federation, which has to sign off on the agreement, is willing to proceed quickly without waiting for new and potentially more serious evidence. They could still re-open the case if need be. Tonali will likely face a one-year suspension, or slightly more than that, with substantial provisions. Fagioli has to handle those for five months past his disqualification.

The Newcastle United star said he didn’t have debts. He brought a medical certificate to the interrogations to attest to his gambling addiction. His statements had no contradictions during his statements.

Tonali finetuned his strategy with his agents before meeting the authorities. His phone has yet to be examined entirely. The detectives believe he’s been truthful.

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