Tonali Might Be in a Worse Position Compared to Fagioli

Sandro Tonali was questioned for two and a half hours by the Turin’s DA office on Tuesday and admitted to betting on football matches too. He had reached out to the sports prosecutor in previous days as well to expedite the procedure that will lead to a plea bargain, as Nicolò Fagioli did, Corriere della Sera reports.

However, the midfielder might be in a worse position because he reportedly gambled on Milan tilts as well. He claimed not to have altered them, but it remains to be seen whether the authorities will agree to that. For instance, getting a yellow card on purpose, not just influencing the result, is considered sports fraud.

The investigators will look into his admissions. Then, his suspension will be decided through an agreement between the parties. Considering the ulterior element and that Tonali was proactive later than Fagioli, his ban could be longer, maybe a year, La Gazzetta dello Sport hypothesizes.

Nicolò Zaniolo will be the next to talk to the investigators. Despite the rumors flying around, no other footballers are currently involved in the probe. The Aston Villa attacker confessed to gambling to his entourage but denied betting on his sport.

Tonali was extremely collaborative, which will help his case and reduce the suspension. Plea bargaining before the referral leads to an automatic 50 percent reduction relative to the three-year minimum.

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