Tonali Suspension Not Immediately Effective Abroad

FIGC, the Italian Football Association, officialized the suspension of Sandro Tonali on Thursday. However, it’s not valid in England right away. It has to be extended by the Premier League, UEFA, and FIFA first. For instance, it took months for former Tottenham director Fabio Paratici to be disqualified following the ruling on the plusvalenze trial.

According to La Repubblica, it’s up to Newcastle United to decide whether to field the player during the limbo. It’s more likely than not that they won’t. They have an interest in the punishment starting as quickly as possible to have the midfielder back for the start of next season.

More details have emerged about the case. Tonali bet heavily, around €250/300k over the years, but didn’t accumulate debts, unlike Fagioli. It’s possible he gambled on the Magpies too.

The English side has the option of outright halting his wages, paying just the minimum. Rather than that, the parties might come to an understanding to reduce it significantly while he’s unavailable.

Tonali has been technically disqualified for 18 months, with 8 of them turned into alternative provisions. As part of the deal, he must follow a therapeutic plan and participate in at least 16 public meetings in amateurish sports associations, local federal centers, and treatment facilities. He’ll have to do that in Italy, which might create some logistic problems down the line. If he violates the terms, he could face a four-year ban.

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