Bastoni Ready to Sign Long-Term Contract with Inter

Inter defensive cornerstone Alessandro Bastoni expressed his satisfaction for taking home the second trophy of the season against Fiorentina and dished on his future amid contract talks (via Tag24).

“It’s nice to win a cup after receiving so much criticism. We prevailed in the Coppa Italia and we’ll try to the same in the Champions League, but the Atalanta match comes first. Then, we’ll focus on trying to make history. We have to improve our approach. We eliminated Milan thanks to a fiery one. Victory is our lifeblood: it recharges us. We’d be ready to play tomorrow morning.”

The defender is in advanced conversations to extend his deal.

“I’ve always stated that I feel good here. I never hid that. The management and I are on the wavelength. I think we will stick together, and I’m very happy about it.”

Bastoni gave Fiorentina their flowers for the strong performance Wednesday.

“Surely conceding early wasn’t how we prepared the game. They are solid, and we were aware of the challenges considering the Serie A fixtures against them. We wanted to isolate our strikers to hurt them, as it happened on our two goals. Tiredness? We practice for this, and we are professionals. There’s a staff that gets us ready for these games.”

“This win energizes us ahead of Saturday and June 10th. I think our main issue this year was that we struggled against the minnows. It’s a mental element, and we’ll have to take an extra step to compete for the title. We can beat anybody. The coach doesn’t stress us because he knows our value. There’s great transparency and honesty in the locker room, and it’s filled with real men.”

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