De Laurentiis Comments on Garcia and Coaching Search

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis spoke candidly about what’s happening at the club during an event at the Luiss University hosted by Confindustria (via Gianluca Di Marzio).

“It’s a difficult moment with Rudi Garcia at the helm. The coach and the sporting director are at my service. I’ll make the most opportune choices when the times will be right. You can’t let the fans have too much influence. A moment of reflection is always necessary since any rash decision would be wrong. We must mitigate this need to have everything at once. It’s impossibile in life. When you hire a manager who’s not familiar with Serie A, he might struggle at first. It could have happened with anybody else.”

De Laurentiis shed light on the previous coaching search.

“I pursued Thiago Motta, but he didn’t want to succeed a gaffer that did what he did. I called Luis Enrique, and luckily he went to France considering his results so far. He wasn’t too convincing during our three-day talks. I touched base with several tacticians.”

De Laurentiis defended his choice.

“It’s useless to point the fingers at the newcomers. Football isn’t a construction that doesn’t collapse if built properly. There are accidents, illnesses, and red cards. There’s no mathematical solution to win the title. I think we will compete this year too. My only responsibility, other than picking the coach, is that I wasn’t able to stay close to him at the training center every day.”

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