France Comrades Jump to Support Pogba in Doping Case

The news of Paul Pogba being charged with using testosterone has taken Juventus by storm as the case against the French central midfielder gradually materializes. However, his national teammates and coach have come to his rescue, stressing that Pogba wouldn’t have made use of the drug intentionally.

Speaking to the press in the post-match press conference (via Sky Italia) after the defeat to Germany, Kingsley Coman defended his teammate on behalf of everyone on the France team.

“We all support Pogba. He is a dear friend and part of the family. We know Paul well, if something happened, we cannot believe for a single moment that it was intentional “

Didier Deschamps, under whom Pogba helped France win the 2018 FIFA World Cup title, had similar words of support.

“I’ll have the opportunity to speak to him in the next few days. I’m very surprised. Knowing him, I can’t imagine that he knowingly took certain products. I remember all the discussions I had with him about the Covid vaccines. In any case, the doping substance is there, unless counter-analysis proves it wrong. Then we will know why and how. And I don’t think Paul knows it at the moment, unfortunately. It will take time, but I have always supported him.”

Pogba has been provisionally suspended from club activities, which does not allow him to attend meetings or training sessions until charges have been cleared or dropped off him. His salary has also been withheld as per laws.

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