Galliani Addresses Monza Ties to Dzeko, Icardi and Pinamonti

Monza top director Adriano Galliani corroborated the rumors circulating around the team and had some bold statements during the unveiling of their new jerseys (via Ansa).

“Our objective is to finish in  tenth position. It is normal to set goals, and that is ours. I like to do it even if some say it is bad luck. We will see. We managed to achieve what we shot for last season. Then, it is clear that it will be a very particular campaign considering the long break.”

“We are not a normal newly promoted side thanks to Silvio Berlusconi. His brand brings increased attention. He has been signified Milan for many years. We are still a little club, but we have a great owner.”

Galliani dished on Monza pursuing Edin Dzeko and Mauro Icardi.

“I would say that Paris is more glamorous than Sarajevo for a trip. Barcelona’s president Joan Laporta once told me not to dismiss the transfer market chatter but just let it go. We do not feel offended when we hear the numbers for them or for Musa Barrow, for instance. We are very ambitious. Many teams won the lottery thanks to us because they had sent players here on loan with obligation to buy in case we got promoted.”

The veteran executive answered a few questions about other strikers.

“I love Andrea Petagna and often chat with him, but there is a long way to go to bring him here. We had some talks with Andrea Pinamonti. We like him, but he is expensive. We have never considered Andrea Belotti, but we know he is available. We are looking for a forward with different traits. We are talking with a lot of people and we are getting incredible offers.”