Inter and Authorities Looking Into Curva Nord Incident

Vittorio Boiocchi, one of the leaders of the Curva Nord of Inter, was killed in an ambush Saturday. The news spread during the match versus Sampdoria, prompting the hardcore fans to abandon their sector. But not all of them did it willingly. The majority was forced to with shoves, slaps and, and punches, SportMediaset informs.

New sports minister Andrea Abodi took it to Twitter to address the incident.

“What happened is unacceptable and intolerable. I’m sure there will be immediate sanctions, and not just words.”

Inter has yet to issue an official statement, but they are closely monitoring the aftermath of what went down in Curva Nord Saturday. They are considering refunding supporters that were pushed out violently. Some were able to finish the game in different areas of the stadium, but most had to leave at halftime. However, it’s not easy since they are all season-ticket holders.

The local police forces are examining the footage of the CCTV, plus several have posted videos on their social media pages to complain. When identified, those that acted out of line will be banned from attending games.

Boiocchi was assassinated with two gunshots in the Figino neighborhood on the outskirts of Milan, TGCom24 reports. He spent 26 years in prison for robbery, drug trafficking, and kidnapping. He profited from handling the San Siro parking spots and the tickets for matches. The 69-year-old had to stay away from the stadium on match-days due to a restraining order following the clashes with the police in 2018, when Varese ultrà Dede Belardinelli died.

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