Koopmeiners Warns Atalanta of His Ambitions amid Buzz

Teun Koopmeiners didn’t shy away from the transfer market chatter surrounding him, as multiple top teams in Serie A and abroad are after him. He talked to the local newspaper L’Eco di Bergamo (via Calciomercato).

“These rumors happen in football when a player does well. What matters now is to give our best in the last two matches to reach our goal. My ambition is to win something in the next two years. I’m not thinking about any club in particular and I’m not saying I’d like to transfer because I’m happy here.”

Koopmeiners has been linked to Liverpool and is reportedly in the crosshairs of director Cristiano Giuntoli, who’d like to onboard him regardless of where he’ll be, either at Napoli or Juventus. Atalanta will face Inter Saturday.

“They just played the Coppa Italia final, but we’re focused on ourselves. We want to prepare the game the best we can, mentally and technically, to prove our worth Saturday. We will chase after the maximum result. Our form is good, and we want to win to keep hoping in the Champions League qualification. We didn’t play well against Hellas Verona, but we prevailed thanks to our mentality. It’s key to be able to do that thanks to your character as well.”

Koopmeiners dished on the host of injuries affecting La Dea and other teams.

“It’s tough to pinpoint what hasn’t worked. This situation is very strange. The World Cup probably had an impact. Some players participated, while others stayed still for two months. It was something new for everybody.”

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