Leao Vows to Be Loyal to Milan and Lauds Ibrahimovic

Rafael Leao is promoting his book ‘Smile’ and has expressed his intention to stay at Milan for years to come in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

“My future is here. I have four years left on my contract. The team helped me during a very difficult situation and stayed close to me. I’m loyal and don’t forget. I was a kid when I joined and have grown as a man and a footballer. My focus is here, and I wish to win again.”

Leao dished on the importance of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“I’m not a genius, but he made me raise the bar significantly. He talks to me about everything, not just football. I needed him. He helped me in every sense. He has been very important to me, both as a player and an exec now.”

Leao has no plans to coach after hanging his cleats.

“I surely won’t stay in football following my retirement. I’ve been in this environment for ten years already and have gone through many experiences. My wish is to remove myself from this kind of stress and tend to my family and my other passions more.”

Leao has become a spokesperson for the fight against racism.

“Unfortunately, it’s everywhere. Footballers must try to do something since we’re popular. We have to exploit our strength by sending the right messages. Milan pay close attention to this issue, as it transpired in the incident involving Mike Maignan. We were correct in leaving the pitch.”

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