Mancini Dishes on Chiellini, Insigne and Scudetto Race

Roberto Mancini will soon name his squad for the clash with Argentina and multiple Nations League games: “It is important to bounce back when things go wrong. These matches will represent the opportunity to restart for us.”

The Italy coach received an award dedicated to Giuseppe Prisco in Chieti. He addressed Giorgio Chiellini leaving the national team and Juventus (via SportMediaset): “It is a pity because he has been a great player and professional for his club and us. Unfortunately, time passes for everybody. He decided to call it quits, but doing so after winning the Euro and a such a high-caliber tilt is still important.”

Mancini did not shut the door on Lorenzo Insigne being part of the squad despite his move to Toronto FC: “He will have a meaningful experience there. He has given a lot to Italy, and I hope he will continue to do so. I wish him good luck. There are interesting youngsters in Serie A, but we would need some more.”

The gaffer commented on the Scudetto duel: “It is a nice fight, and both would deserve the title considering they have fought until the end. It will not be easy. In my mind, Milan are the favorites since they need just a point to be successful.”

Italy and Mancini will have a busy June. After facing Argentina in Wembley on the first day of the month, they have four Nations League fixtures on the schedule. They will square off against Germany twice, host Hungary and visit England.