USMNT Staple Has Turned His Juventus Fortunes Around

Weston McKennie started the summer practicing with the outcasts, most of whom have already left Juventus. Then things changed along the way, as he struggled to generate interest. Moreover, Paul Pogba and Nicolò Fagioli being hurt throughout the preseason forced Massimiliano Allegri to reintegrate a midfielder, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs.

The versatile USMNT international came off the bench at the interval in the opener and held his own as a right wing-back, replacing newcomer Timothy Weah. He had already seen action in that role prior to his January loan move to Leeds United. They didn’t buy him out due to their relegation.

At this stage, there’s little traction regarding the departure of McKennie, also because Juventus set a considerable price tag. They want €30M to part ways with him. They had previously agreed to a €34M conditioned obligation to make the transfer permanent with the Whites.

The 24-year-old is likely to stay put and serve as a deputy in multiple roles following the departures of Nicolò Rovella and Denis Zakaria. Matias Soulé is set to leave too.

Our Take on Juventus and McKennie

His adaptability is an asset, and he’s okay when fit and properly motivated. Technically speaking, there’s no damage in keeping him, the problems are more financial. Besides the Rovella and Luca Pellegrini deals, which were too cheap, the Bianconeri have steadfastly stuck to their valuations.

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  1. He’s garbage and he’s on the team because we can’t get rid of him no other reason . Nobody wants him

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