Milan and Inter Not Swayed by New San Siro Project

Milan and Inter met with Mayor Giuseppe Sala on Thursday to discuss a new plan to renovate San Siro put together by WeBuild. The rendezvous didn’t last long, about 30 minutes, and the two teams weren’t too enthused by it, Tuttomercatoweb informed.

The main sticking point is what would happen during the construction works. The sides don’t want to play elsewhere. The thick schedule and the reduced capacity are big hurdles. The project is in its infant stages and needs about three months to be ironed out.

Milan and Inter previously wasted a lot of time on a long and unsuccessful process to erect a new arena in the San Siro area. The Mayor suggested in a note that the two clubs would like to buy the arena to move forward. They will collaborate with the City in the next steps.

WeBuild has come into the picture only about a month ago. The Nerazzurri were irked by the fact that they weren’t invited to a site visit two weeks ago, while their rivals were. The parties haven’t scheduled a new meeting. The summit wasn’t convincing enough to persuade the outfits to halt their operations in different locations.

Our Take on Milan, Inter, and San Siro

They shouldn’t get fooled by a Hail Mary attempt. A major renovation, which would still take years, would become somewhat realistic if one of the two left first. The Rossoneri are more determined and better positioned economically to build their own stadium.

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