Milan Executive Takes a Clear Stand in Stadium Saga

Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala is trying to keep the two clubs in San Siro thanks to a new project to renovate San Siro that wouldn’t obstruct the matches. However, the Rossoneri appear less than interested in staying put. Their CEO Giorgio Furlani made it clear talking during the event Investopia 2024 in Dubai (via Ansa).

“Looking ahead, our future includes the continuation of our international expansion in the Middle East and America, along with our ambitious project to build a new stadium in San Donato. Given its age and limitation, San Siro no longer satisfies the necessary standards to offer the Milan fans an optimal experience.”

Instead, Sala spoke about his strategy to Il Fatto Quotidiano.

“Our plan is to give WeBuild three months to come up with a realistic project. I hope it’ll put us in a condition to tell the teams that we could carry on the construction work without them playing elsewhere. At that point, the ball will be in their court in June.”

“I believe that a well-done restoration is the best way to go. We need to figure out how much time it could take: one, two, or three years. It’d happen in the summer for the most part but probably not exclusively. Milan, Inter, and WeBuild will attend our next meeting about San Siro, so they could clarify a few things. The project won’t be born out of thin air. The needs of the clubs have to be taken into consideration.”

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