Milan Reopen Communications with Raiola after Months

After a long period of mutual coldness, Mino Raiola visited the Milan HQ to talk with the front office of the Rossoneri. The main topics of the meeting were the new contracts of Alessio Romagnoli and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

According to Sky Sport, the atmosphere was rather relaxed. Romagnoli and Milan appear to be on the same page. The defender is leaning toward accepting a pay cut to stay as Sandro Tonali did last summer. It will be better quantified later on, but the parties are actively collaborating.

The management and the agent are also working on a new one-year contract for Ibrahimovic, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports. Both parties wish to stick together. It will be finalized in early 2022. Milan want to see how the 40-year-old striker holds up physically before putting pen-to-paper. It is the only variable that could make the deal collapse since it has gained considerable momentum.

Raiola talked briefly to Sky after the summit: “It went well. It is was cordial and serene as always. I will not say anything about the negotiations. We are in talks, and we will see what happens. Everything is possible at this stage for both of them. I find the questions about salaries to be a little impertinent. It is a topic between the club and me. Ibrahimovic is surely fine and wants to go to Qatar. I have not discussed Gianluigi Donnarumma with Milan, but I certainly did not lure him away. I only do what is in the best interest of my clients.”