Milan Second Team ‘Futuro’ Officially Part of Serie C

As long anticipated, Milan will have their U-23 squad, named ‘Futuro,’ in Serie C starting next season, joining Juventus and Atalanta. They have been tending to the project for months but needed one team to be excluded to join the third division. Ancona failed to register due to a financial crunch.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the league clarified its rules about their second sides. There’ll be one in each of the groups for now. There’ll be a draw and a rotation to determine which one will face mostly Southern teams, as the division is geographical. The maximum number will be six.

Milan Futuro will primarily lean on the core of the Primavera side led by Ignazio Abate in the past campaign, but not the coach, who has left and has been appointed by Ternana. Former defender and Stefano Pioli’s assistant Daniele Bonera will be the boss. New exec Jovan Kirovski will help manage it.

The crown jewel will be Francesco Camarda, who’ll sign his first pro deal in early July. The Rossoneri will be able to showcase a few more of their talents, such as Noah Raveyre, Alex Jimenez, who’ll soon be redeemed from Real Madrid, and Davide Bartesaghi. Marco Pellegrino might stay put following a so-so loan spell at Salernitana. Kevin Zeroli, Vittorio Magni, Adam Bakoune, Diego Sia, and Filippo Scotti will also be heavily featured. Maximilian Ibrahimovic, the son of Zlatan, could also get some run despite being 17.

Milan are in talks with Pro Sesto to hold the matches of their Futuro team at the Stadio Ernesto Breda. The whole project will cost about €12M in its first season.

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