Roma Starter Finds Wealthy Suitors in Saudi Arabia

Al-Ahly have tested the waters for Leonardo Spinazzola, whose future at Roma is unsure. He has just a year left on his contract, and the team hasn’t tendered any offer to extend it yet. He’d like to stay, but he will mull any option if the situation doesn’t change, Corriere dello Sport informs.

The Saudi offer would easily be richer than whatever the Giallorossi are willing to tender. The prospective buyer hasn’t gone into detail yet because they want to see whether he was open to transferring first. Director Tiago Pinto is in no rush to make his proposal.

On the contrary, Roma would gladly accept a €15M bid from Al-Alhy or other sides for Spinazzola given his age and short-term deal. The wingback needed almost a year to recapture the right form following an Achilles tendon tear in the Euro 2020 final.

The veteran is drawing some interest in Spain and Italy. However, not from clubs that would give him the same wages he earns today, €3M per year. He has a €6M value on the balance sheets. Any bid superior to that would net his side a profit. On the other hand, he’d have to be adequately replaced if he left.

Our Take on Roma, Al-Ahly and Spinazzola

He showed only glimpses of the player he once was following the major injury, and minor muscular ones have always been routine for him. This sounds more like a ploy by his agent to get a new contract rather than a real bid.

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