Sacchi Understanding of Protest by Milan Fans against Donnarumma

Gianluigi Donnarumma had a much different welcome in Turin yesterday, as the supporters on the stands loudly cheered him. While the San Siro crowd received ample criticism, Arrigo Sacchi defended them, stating that he comprehended the reaction.

The veteran gaffer spoke at an event in Trento, as Rai Sport transcribed: “I have never whistled at anybody in my life. My daughter used to tell me that I was not a good coach because I did not do that. People go looking for this kind of situation at times. An evident betrayal always generates some form of payback in life and not just in football. We should not be surprised by the chants against him.”

Sacchi also discussed the form of Milan: “They are playing well. Both the club and the coach are doing a nice job. They are more good-looking than other teams, which is almost a miracle because they are very young. You generally reap very little of what you sow with kids. However, I did not like how Stefano Pioli inserted six defenders against Atletico Madrid when they were in trouble. He generally did not give a clear identity to his sides, but he has managed to do that with the Rossoneri.”

Sacchi weighed in on the title race: “Juventus were the favorite to open the season. They did not start well, but a comeback is possible if those in front sleep a little. Inter can rely on more certainties, and they are deeper. They are the frontrunners in my opinion. Napoli will have to build a mentality they have not always had to be successful.”