Sarri Threatens to Quit Lazio after Midtjylland Romp

Lazio suffered an inexplicable 1-5 loss at the hands of Midtjylland Thursday, offering very little resistance as the Danish side created chances at will. Coach Maurizio Sarri was very bitter while analyzing the match (via DAZN).

“I don’t see many differences with the last season’s issues. Sometimes we have these sudden emotional collapses. It’s hard to understand why it happens. If it’s my fault, I have to step down, instead if the culprit is a player, he needs to leave.”

Sarri re-called that Lazio had similar displays against Verona and Bologna in the past campaign.

“Unfortunately, we occasionally no-show matches and we lose badly. It’s more hurtful in Europe, as I thought we were going in the right direction. We lacked humility, and we thought we would eventually find a solution throughout the tilt. We had been talking about it for three days, but we were still presumptuous. You can’t go far in Europe without the right mentality. We played at very low pace, as if we had a large lead. There’s a sort of disease inside the locker room, which somebody might be spreading involuntarily, making everybody superficial.”

The Biancocelesti will have the opportunity to address the problem in a mini-retreat, Corriere dello Sport reports. They had already planned to spend a couple of days in Piacenza, without going back to Rome, ahead of Sunday’s match against Cremonese.

Our Take on Sarri and Lazio

The gaffer obviously isn’t going to resign, and it’s just using it as a motivating tool. It is quite odd that such a talented team sometimes has these major faux pas. Considering the troubles elsewhere, they could fight for lofty goals if their performances were always on point.

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