Serie A Files List of Proposals to Tweak VAR and More

Serie A has compiled a list of potential reforms to submit to FIGC, the Italian Football Association. The League asked to rubber stamp the introduction of the semi-automatic offside, which is already live in the Champions League and the World Cup. It should begin to operate in the Peninsula in late January, if not sooner, La Repubblica informs.

Another proposal eyes the introduction of a VAR challenge for coaches. Since it’s a rule change, it would have to be approved by IFAB, which has generally opposed it. It has also been suggested to make the conversations between the referee and the assistants public.

Serie A favors reducing professional clubs in the entire football pyramid, but not at the top level. Therefore, the 20-team format isn’t under scrutiny. The playoffs are a no-go as well. Instead, the playout is on the table and will be discussed with the second division.

The presidents of the Italian sides wish to cut down international breaks and matches in general and urged FIGC to relay the message to FIFA. They are keen on expanding the number of second squads, as only Juventus have one, but they need their cost to come down.

The Italian League asked for a new governmental body to coordinate the efforts to build new stadiums and help the Euro 2032 bid. The Supercoppa could turn into a final four, but the modification needs the approval of the federation. Serie A received proposals from the UAE and Saudi Arabia for 2024. The latter is open to hosting just one game, as is currently the case. It’s in the lead because its offer can be accepted right away.

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