Serie A Underdogs Monza Wish to Model Sassuolo

Having sealed their status as the best Serie A debutants this century with seven rounds to spare, Monza chief Adriano Galliani couldn’t be happier. The former Rossoneri patron has delivered this season’s objective for the Biancorossi, following a triumphant play-off qualification into the Italian top flight last season.

Monza began their campaign with a defeat in each of their first five games but have since turned their fortunes around, largely thanks to coach Raffaele Palladino.

Galliani spoke to ANSA (via SassuoloNews) in an exclusive interview and revealed the club’s plans for the up-and-coming coach the next season.

“It’s true that we still have to make it official, but the agreement was that we would meet once safety from relegation was reached. That’s all, no particular alarm. I am confident that we will also find an economic agreement. We shook hands for another year at Monza.”

With top-flight football secured for next season, Galliani prepares to take Monza to better heights, perhaps modelling their strategy on Sassuolo, who he thinks have punched above their weight since gaining promotion in the 2013.

“We have to grow. If I had to indicate a model for us, I would say Sassuolo, who landed in Serie A for the first time ten years ago and have never been relegated again. Then you can reach mid-table, a little higher or a little lower, but this year Monza is reaching its goal: I said tenth place, everyone laughed and called me crazy but we’re there. Historically, there have always been seven teams who fight for the first seven positions, then a mid-table group of six clubs that never got relegated and finally a group of seven teams fighting for salvation. In the first year we reached the second group, which for Monza is something miraculous.”

Monza have six games left to play for, including against Roma and Napoli successively at home. They have won their last three league games, and are looking to win four in a row for the first time ever.

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