Fiorentina Owner Warns Juventus and Arsenal on Vlahovic Deal

Fiorentina president Rocco Commisso reminded the teams pursuing Dusan Vlahovic that they would have to negotiate with his club to sign him. The chairman pat himself in the back for announcing that the striker would not extend his contract at the start of the season.

He talked to Radio 24: “It is not over yet. I remember the criticism from the media for that statement in October. They called me stupid and said that Vlahovic would not score anymore, and instead he is doing just fine. I motivated him. He is a serious professional and wants to bag many goals and prove he is a capable player.”

Commisso addressed the future transfer: “I will not be extorted by him, his entourage, or anybody else. Some things are illegal. We will see what happens. Arsenal or Juventus? I do not know where Vlahovic will go, but Fiorentina are right in the middle of things. We own his card. We always paid everybody, especially him, and I demand respect.”

The American tycoon is not a fan of agents: “We discussed the issue with every institution. Something must be done. They can pocket at best a percentage of the players’ salaries, not of the fees for transfers. Sometimes they ask for 10 or 20 percent. It is like the Far West. We are under siege on Vlahovic and other situations.” 

Commisso also commented on the plusvanze investigation: “It would be better to put in the balance sheets only the deals that move real money. How is it possible that Juventus tallied €650M profit and then had to raise their debt? They lost €1B in share value. It is a situation that affects Fiorentina and all the other clubs competing with them. But it is better for me to focus on my team.”