Lotito States Roma Are Dead Without ‘Decreto Crescita’

Serie A will have to change their transfer market strategies from January onward, as the fiscal advantages deriving from the ‘Decreto Crescita’ will stop at the end of 2023. Therefore, the clubs will have to pay full taxes on the salaries of every player, including those joining from abroad. The Italian Footballers’ Association was in favor of eliminating it.

Claudio Lotito and Adriano Galliani, who are senators, tried to reverse the cabinet’s decision until the last moment backed by a letter by the League’s assembly but were rebuffed. The former commented to La Stampa.

“Somebody tried to conjecture on it, mentioning youth sectors, but it’s all nonsense. We’ll have weaker players in the future. You don’t sign youngsters who make 50 euros thanks to this instrument but rather champions. Its cancellation mortifies the competitiveness of Italian football.”

Lotito highlighted the benefits generated by the Decreto Crescita.

“You will no longer have the chance to acquire Romelu Lukaku, for instance. That’s the problem. It’s also the case for José Mourinho. Roma used this tool, and they wouldn’t have been able to hire him without it. They hurt the teams with this decision. The Giallorossi are dead without it.”

The Lazio president refers to the fact that, since Italian clubs were able to save on taxes, they often offered players and coaches higher net wages, which allowed them to tussle with richer foreign suitors.

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