Antonio Conte Shares His Thoughts About Winning Serie A Title With Inter

The Calcio Parody: Lukaku and Conte Visit Inter Before the Big Derby

After giving you an exclusive look inside the chaotic Milan locker room, it's now time to check out the mood of their opponents. Inter are the reigning champions, the current Serie A leaders and the big favorites to retain their title. So what could possibly go wrong for the Nerazzurri? Well, apparently a lot, especially when the past comes back to haunt them.

The Calcio Parody: Maldini Appoints Temporary Manager Ahead of Derby

Ahead of the infamous Derby della Madonnina, the Cult of Calcio will take you behind the scenes for some exclusive footages from the locker rooms of Inter and Milan in two separate parts. In the first installment, we enter the Rossoneri lockers where Paolo Maldini tells players that Stefano Pioli won't be able to make it for the big clash. Let's find out why exactly.
Inzaghi Lukaku Inter

The Calcio Parody: Inter Welcome Inzaghi with Messi “Gift”

The off-season is almost over folks, and the Cult of Calcio proudly announces the launch of the second season of your less-than-favorite series, the Calcio Parody. We'll take you live to the club's headquarters to see how the newly appointed Simone Inzaghi is faring at his new home, whilst he's being welcomed by CEO Giuseppe Marotta, and of course the president himself.

The Calcio Parody Special Edition: Inside Cult of Calcio’s Newsroom

In this special edition of the Calcio Parody, we'll be celebrating a major milestone. And no it's not Cristiano Ronaldo's 50,000th penalty goal, but it's actually the Cult of Calcio's 1000th published article! We'll be taking you live inside the CoC studios in Amsterdam - or maybe it's just our Whatsapp group- as you'll find out how our Newsroom actually works (it works?!)
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The Calcio Parody: Conte and Marotta in Crunch Inter Talks

The Calcio Parody is back with it's 7th edition, as we'll be discussing Antonio Conte's latest Champions League elimination. Somewhere inside the gloomy Inter halls, the young Inter president Steven Zhang has called for a crunch meeting with CEO Guiseppe Marotta and Conte, as they will try to find the solutions for the Nerazzurri's underwhelming campaign. 

The Calcio Parody: An Exclusive Interview with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Cult of Calcio unproudly welcomes you to the sixth edition of its exclusively confusing special feature, otherwise known as The Calcio Parody. After covering the violent International break in our last episode, actual football is mercifully back to our screens, and we'd like to celebrate the occasion with an exclusive interview with the legendary Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Calcio Parody: Conte Leads Anti-Mancini Coalition

The Calcio Parody makes its triumphant return with its 5th edition. Serie A coaches rarely agree on anything at all, though they mostly share the same feelings of loathe towards the referees, their crazy presidents, and most of all the international break. We take you inside a secret meeting attended by all Serie A managers after receiving invitations from Antonio Conte... 

The Calcio Parody: Juventus Players “Prepare” for Napoli Match

The Calcio Parody returns for the 4th episode of The Cult of Calcio feature (Yes, we can't believe we haven't been canceled yet either) as we tackle the weekend's chaotic fixture between Juventus and Napoli. Our exclusive audio footage for today comes from the Juventus locker-room at the Allianz stadium as the Bianconeri players prepare for their "match" against Napoli.
He is one of Italy's most famous film directors, the king of image rights himself, Napoli president De Laurintiis is here for an exclusive interview

The Calcio Parody: An Interview With Napoli President De Laurentiis

In the third episode of The Calcio Parody, a special guest is joining us live from our studios. He is one of Italy's most famous film directors, the king of image rights himself, Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis is here for an exclusive interview. REMINDER: This is parody. No presidents were really harmed in the making of this episode. Nor were they interviewed, if truth be told.

The Calcio Parody: The Juventus and Suarez Passport-Gate

From The Cult of Calcio Studios in Amsterdam, it's time for the second episode of Calcio Parody. After miraculously avoiding cancellation from the very first episode, it's time to uncover some exclusive CoC footage from Luis Suarez' interview with the Italian citizenship committee as the Uruguayan seeks an Italian passport in order to seal his move to Juventus. 
We proudly present our first ever episode (and possibly the last) of The Calcio Parody, your home for all the latest spicy news in Italian football

The Calcio Parody: Diawara’s Birthday and a Pirlo – Paratici Talk

We proudly present you our first ever episode (and possibly the last) of The Calcio Parody, your home for all the latest spicy news in Italian football. From interviews with your favorite Serie A stars, managers, and presidents, to some delicious exclusive footage never seen before, we uncover all the stories in a way that the so-called "experts" can only dream of.